Create Inspiring Employee Communications

Simplifies sending content to each individual based on their interests or role in your company. Add embedded videos, podcasts, polls, quizzes and so much more for communications that inspire.

Jacksonville State University
The Mentor Network
Founded by a former Apple executive, Proze blends deep personalization, real-time interactivity and a drag-and-drop interface for Internal Communications at HULU, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, EBSCO and many more. These powerhouse players have helped us shape Proze into one of the most robust workforce messaging platforms available today.
Intelligent Internal Comm's with Style
Drag-and-drop UI keeps email and micro-site creation a snap. Leverage the deep personalization capabilities.
Sync HR/AD databases and leverage our single sign-on integration. Data is encrypted with SOC I Type II certification.
The ONLY provider of Video and Podcasting in email! Doubles engagement-rates and amplifies your messaging.
Develop Messaging that Resonates!
We (or you) design custom templates with drag-n-drop 'widgets' that make email creation a snap. No HTML required. Set consistent branding, yet offer localized flexibility, if desired.
Proze has numerous interactive, embeddable elements ranging from polls, quizzes, surveys, ratings, animations, image-carousels and so much more. A truly interactive, two-way dialogue.
Each and every item of content in your emails can be dynamically matched to each employee - all within the same broadcast. Need an article to only be seen by executives? One-click. Dead simple.
Create Highly Interactive Email
Proze is one of the most robust content-management and messaging systems you will ever use. Rich visual elements can be added to your emails through a simple drag-and-drop wizard, grabbing your audience's attention and generating valuable feedback for you to analyze. Features include:
  • Dynamic content targeting to each employee's specific interests, leveraging backend AI and Business Analytics
  • True embedded video and audio-podcasting
  • Micro-sites, landing-pages & searchable archives
  • Countdown clocks for special events/deadlines
  • Real-time A/B Testing and optimization
  • Built-in mobile-optimization of all content
  • Embedded polls, quizzes, ratings and surveys
  • Image libraries, editing/cropping, and Google-image integration
  • 100% customizable layouts, templates and drag/drop widgets.
Behold, the Connected Enterprise!
Your email approval process will no longer feel like you're herding cats. This robust, built-in workflow alerts, reminds and gathers feedback directly from your team. You're welcome!
The Proze application is completely customizable down to each specific author. Set different permissions, and even hide/show various in-page elements to your specifications.
View and manage the sending schedule via a centralized calendar to ensure communications are prudently cadenced. Lock down specific days, if needed.
Continuous Improvement: 20+ Reports
Learn what types of content or interest-areas each employee responds to most, either by measuring the topics they click/like or conducting A/B tests that are elegantly built into Proze. Statistics can be viewed by virtually any metric you you can think of; by department, by device, by job-title, by topic, by content-type, by language - and so much more.
Proze was built for today's evolving and sophisticated workforce. Leveraging leading-edge technology, we simplify content creation for multiple audience-interests, multiple languages, and for multiple departments/regions. We bring it all together into a single platform that builds a motivated and inspired corporate culture. Get a demo or have your questions answered here.